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August 07, 2007


Kristi Smith

Very cute layout Suzyplant!!! Cute design and the colors do go perfectly!!!


Fab colours!!! I need to get me some Elsie!! that photo is awesome too!


Hey!!! is that my name up there on the side bar???? Theres a rule in a book somewhere that you have to leave comments! I know you stalk Suzy Plant!!!! Cos my tracker tells me so!

I might have to get you to change the link soon because I'm coming to Typepad. Yeahhhh!!!!! Since switching to Mac I don't get the options I used to and I'm too limited. I'll let you know when...


Yes!!!! another comment... I just want you to know that I love that I'm not getting frisked any more!!!!





Suzy Plantamura

Hey you - I actually added you and Janette a few days ago for two reasons - one, you are Kristi's friends, so you are my friends (I don't have many of my own!). Second, you came to visit me and made my weekend fun, so I wanted to link you so I would remember to regularly visit you. Kristi told me if you want to have friends, you have to give them attention too!???! HUH? So now you are officially one of my blogging friends - hope you don't mind! That is why you are seeing links from my blog - I have only been once recently - I think on Saturday. So apparently the link is working!!! What do you mean by you are not getting frisked anymore???? Suzy


Frisked? You know when you have to type random letters like 'kyglcm' before your comment will post. I think its a default setting with Typepad accounts and it doesn't appear here any more. Or am I the only one that gets frisked??? Paranoia amplifies on blogs... do do do do (Twilight zone music)

Kristi Smith

Suzy, you told me you weren't frisking anybody anymore the other day!!!

I think you owe me an e-mail!!!=)

Lynette is leaving lots of comments on here, oh those lurkers are going to think you are one popular gal.=)

Kristi Smith

Me again!!!

Kristi Smith

Shhh . . . don't tell them . . . this is fun!!!

Kristi Smith

Hey, is that your handwriting on that layout?

LOL! Yes, I know the answer!!!

Kristi Smith

Did you know you are hot?

Kristi Smith

Oh, I should have changed my name on that one!!!

Brad Pitt

Hey, did you know you are hot???

Angelina Jolie

I am gonna come kick your butt Miss Suzyplant!!! Leave my Brad alone.

Jennifer Aniston

No one wants him Angelina, we all know he is a cheat, even though he is hot!!!

Suzy Plantamura

Kristi - you are one funny girl! Did I tell you I have a thing for Brad Pitt? How did you know? AND HE THINKS I'M HOT???!!! This just made my day - move over Angelina! Oh my gosh - you totally made me laugh when I read the typepad comments in my inbox and saw I had a message from Brad Pitt and then the other two - now that was funny! Did I mention how much I love you today? People are going to think we are a little weeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrddddddddd soon (if there really are any lurkers on this blog- perhaps all my views are YOU???) (or Brad).

Lynette - I did take the frisker off - thank you for noticing!!! suzy

St├ęphanie [Steph-amie]

I really really love all what you are doing with that Love Elsie collection... This LO is sooooo bright and fun, love all the goodies you used there !

That's really inspiring :)


It's a fabulous layout! The design is indeed perfection - and I can't really believe how PERFECTLY the photo matched the line - right down to the color of the swing. C'mon, it wasn't really *that* good was it? You changed that color in photoshop, didn't you! ;)

Kristi Smith

You need to go to my blog and do this tag, it is fun!!! =)

Patricia M Hutchinson

Hey girly!!! Love the new banner...I have to admit, it's been a while since I visited (but I DID save the link this time...blush)!!

LOVE the new Love, Elsie layout...fun stuff. Awesome pics from Legoland...my kids would be SO jealous!!


OMG! Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! WOW! This is really pretty, but your daughter is what REALLY blows me away here!

Oh and Brad Pitt told me that he thinks you ROCK. ;)

Annie Adams

So excited to see you have a blog!! You are awesome, love the LO!

Brad Pitt

Hey gorgeous I just love your blog. It's HOT just like you.

Your one and only Brad!

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