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July 23, 2007


Suzy Plantamura

I just reread my post and realized I said Ally has a boyfriend AND a husband - Go Ally!!! That was a mistake, but rather than correct it, I am leaving it as I think it was a very funny mistake. So Ally is actually bringing her daughter and boyfriend as she does not have a husband. Just wanted to clarify this - hope Ally does not visit my blog - haha! :) Suzy

Crystal Matushek

I had a blast at AMERICAN IDOL last week in San Diego. They checked purses and bags going in but I am not sure if you could bring a camera. I saw tons taking photos with their phones. Have fun and go Blake!

Kristi Smith

Hope you had a blast! Did you take your camera?

Hope you have fun with Ally, her husband, and her boyfriend!=)

Kendra is coming to my house today!!!

Suzy Plantamura

Yeah Kristi - how fun!!! I wish I was Kendra! I took my camera in and I took 300 photos and it was the best night of my life!!! Suzy

Lisa VdV

Dude. Next time you're in LA, CALL ME!!! :)

Suzy Plantamura

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa - I DID call you! But it was my other friend Lisa's phone number and I didn't have yours - next time I promise!!! Suzy

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