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July 19, 2007


Suzy Plantamura

Oh crap - this thing needs spell check! I think I spelled commenter wrong, but how is it spelled and is it even a word? Kristi? Someone? Is some one two words or one? I suck at spelling, so maybe I shouldn't blog after all. Having a conversation with myself if awfully fun though. Is awfully a word? Hmmmmm...

Kristi Smith

LOL, there is spell check!!! I don't know if commenter is a word or not, I probably would have spelled it commentor! LOL! I may have to google it!=)

Someone,which would be me, since I am the only one reading this so far, would tell you that someone is one word!=)

I do KNOW awfully is a word!!!

I bet this is the best time you have ever had talking to yourself!!!

You are off to a good start!=)

Kristi Smith

Crap, but there is not grammar check for me and I should not have put all those commas in the above comment! Hee-hee. Did you know you can even edit my comments? So if I get too risque you can either delete me or edit me . . . oh, you should already know that as I believe you have been edited before! HA!


Welcome to blogland! Your photos and layouts are wonderful! Love them!

susan lyons

HEy Suzy,

I just found your blog. Your new layouts are very fun!


Sandra Fletcher

Hey girl! What a cute website and series of picures. I'm so glad you are doing well. It DOES take a long time to settle into being a stay at home mom. It takes a while to find your grove as they say, especially after having been trapped in the work force for so long. There it's easy to add up successes and at-a-girls. At home it's hard to get your "associates" to acknowlege your hard work in a way that seems sufficient! They aren't really supposed to feed your needy ego but being addicted to such feedback in the workforce, it's a hard habit to drop! hahahaha.... I'll check back now and then to see what things you have to say. I'll listen... and write back.... I miss our endless discussions of all things important (- :

Jaclyn Venter

Hey Suzy, i noticed your amazing talent about a year ago on the two peas in a bucket gallery with the album - Why - that you made! I have always returned to get inpired by you and the on elsie flannigang's site - there it was a link to your blog! consider me a daily visitor from now on! A bless you for living your dream! you're truly inspirational! Regards from South Africa

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