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July 19, 2007


Kristi Smith

I found you!!!!=)

Kristi Smith

You've got your first stalker!!! Oh, you've remodeled since the last time I was here. LOL! You almost have you face in there. I like, "Living my Dream".

Suzy Plantamura

Hi friend! Now if I can just figure out how to make that image go all the way across the page! At least my face is showing up now!

Kristi Smith

Okay, I see the process has stalled. Wait until the children go to bed=).

People are going to think you live in Alaska!!! LOL! Wait it is warm this time of year! Antartica!!!


very cool Suzy - welcome to Blog World.

Oh wait a minute is that THE Kristi Smith I spy. =)

Suzy Plantamura

Yes, Yes, Yes - my blog friend Kristi is here and now I have two blog readers - yeah!!! Thanks for coming by! Are you one of Kristi's fan club as well? Suzy

Kristi Smith

THE Kristi Smith, I like that!!! LOL!

If I have a fan club, I wonder who the President of it is?!?! HA!

Does it scare you Suzy that people might link you with me? I am a little nervous about it myself (insert hysterical laughter here)!!!

sherry steveson

She's bloggin!!
I'll be back.
love the layouts, my friend.


Yahoo Suzy has a blog!!! Looking good I must say! Okay off to read the rest of it! =D


haaa!!! I FOUND YOU TOO!!!! Maybe Suzy might want to go stealth because all of Kristi's stalkers are going to mess up this blog!!!! HI SUZY!!! OZ says hi too!

Suzy Plantamura

I WOULD LOVE TO STEAL ALL OF KRISTI'S BLOGGERS (because I don't have that many friends myself!). Welcome girls - come often! Suzy

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